Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Perfect Bike for a Little Boy: Fireman Sam 12" Bike

Deciding what to buy your little boy for Christmas or their birthday can be a tricky challenge at the best of times. Unfortunately children lose interest easily and thus it can be difficult to find a present which will spark a positive reaction for many months to come. In addition to this, children don’t have the tact that adults do and therefore if the present you buy doesn’t really suit their fancy, they won’t be afraid to show it. Obviously, the key is to find a present which sparks an instant positive reaction and keeps your child’s interest for a while, nevertheless finding this present is an entire different story.

But don’t worry; this article provides a suggestion which cannot fail; a bike, in fact a Fireman Sam 12" Bike to be more precise. A bike is a great idea because it provides endless amounts of fun and therefore your child is very unlikely to get bored. This also means that because the toy will get a lot of us out of the bike it is a value for money investment. And at a mere £67.99, it is extremely cheap anyway.

The reason why the Fireman Sam 12" Bike is such a good option is because most children love Fireman Sam. It is one of the most popular TV characters amongst young boys and thus there is a very high chance that this bike will be an instant hit. Moreover, the red, blue and yellow colour scheme of the bike is eye catching to say the least, meaning that your child will be instantly drawn to it, which is of course one of the main factors of a successful present.

The bike is designed for children aged three years old and above. It has an adjustable handlebar and an adjustable seat. The handlebar adjusts from 61cm to 63cm, whereas the seat adjusts from 41 to 46 cm. The bike also includes front and rear calliper brakes as well as removable stabilisers.

A bike is not only good because of the fun it provides for your child but it is also great because they will be learning a new skill. Riding a bike is something which every child should learn to do, and what better way than on this exciting Fireman Sam bike? Moreover, riding a bike is a form of exercise and therefore you ensure that your child is being active and engaging in some healthy fun. This is of course exceedingly important.
If you are having difficulty finding the perfect present for your little boy then hopefully all of your prayers have been answered with this bold and bright Fireman Sam 12” Bike. Not only does the bike look impressive, but it will provide endless hours of fun for your little loved one. What more could you want?


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